The Role of RAMP Initiative (Reading and Mathematics Project) in Raising the Level of Students in the Basic stage in Reading and Numeracy Skills

  •  Rania H. Friehat    
  •  Anoud Al-Khresha    


This study aimed to identify the RAMP initiative’s role (read comprehensively, answer with understanding) in raising the level of literacy skills and numeracy from the point of view of teachers. It also aimed to identify its effectiveness in improving the reading and writing level of the basic minimum stage, as an initiative that reduces the delay in reading and helps in the development of skills to help students solve mathematical problems with understanding and accommodating. Closed questionnaires were distributed to the Central Badia region; the questionnaire consisted of (35) paragraphs divided into three areas of reading, writing, and arithmetic, where 88 teachers answered the questionnaire. Statistical analysis was adopted (Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS) was adopted to show the study results. The results showed a role for the RAMP initiative in raising the level of reading and numeracy skill to a reasonable degree, where the skill of reading got a good degree, was the highest skill of voice awareness to an extraordinary degree and other standards are good. Writing skill got a good degree; it was the highest, the skill of writing words and the least skill of creative writing, and also obtained the skill of calculating a good degree above (counting units) and the lowest domain (participation and composition of groups). The results showed no statistically significant differences due to variable years of experience, while the results showed statistically significant differences in favor of a bachelor’s degree.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.