Psychometric Properties of Social Perception of Mathematics:‎‎ Rasch Model Analysis

  •  Rommel M. A. Al Ali    
  •  Rami T. Shehab    


Social perception is an evaluation process, which uses any information available ‎in order to form impressions, ‎understanding, and judgments about others. It is also ‎considered as an essential element of social skills. This study ‎aims to examine the psychometric analysis of students’ social perceptions of mathematics using Rasch model ‎analysis.‎ This study uses a quantitative survey approach. The sample comprised 40 first year students at King Faisal University‎. The Rasch model is used because it is considered an effective tool for assessing constructs’ validity and reliability of the instrument. It also generalizes results and inferential studies. The developed questionnaire consists of six dimensions. Every dimension consists of six items. They are verifying the validity based on the Rasch model using item polarity, item fit, and dimensionality. In addition, the reliability was verified using person and item reliability, and item and person separation. The results of the Rasch model analysis show that the items of social perception of mathematics SPoM fit the model appropriately.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.