Using the Problem-Based Learning in STEM Teaching About Bamboo Toothpick Houses

  •  Ngoc-Giang Nguyen    


In Vietnam, there are currently stable and comprehensive innovations in the field of education. Educational scientists have shifted from knowledge-focused teaching to competency teaching. Since then, there have been more new research directions in teaching than in the past, such as integrated teaching, practical application of mathematics and STEM teaching, etc. In these directions, STEM teaching is a new and broad topic. In particular, there are many teaching methods used in STEM teaching. Some people use project teaching, some use discovery teaching, and some others use cooperative teaching methods. Through the research process, we found that STEM is an integrated area, so we should choose one of the most appropriate ways to approach it. That is a problem-based learning method. How does STEM teaching work with problem-based learning? To illustrate this STEM teaching work, we will use the design and implementation of the model of a bamboo toothpick house at Ho Chi Minh City International College.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.