The Role of Social Support in the Relationship Between Adolescents’ Level of Loss and Grief and Well-Being

  •  Firdevs Savi Çakar    


In this study, the model, developed to examine the role of social support in the relationship between adolescents’ level of loss and grief and well-being, was tested. In this study, the descriptive research method was used, and its participants consisted of 216 adolescents who were high school students, in Turkey. Scales used in this study include Personal Information Form; Grief Scale; Five-Dimensional Well-Being Scale for Adolescents (EPOCH); Social Support Assessment Scale for Children and Adolescents (CASSS and Personal Information Form). The structural equation model was used to examine the mediator role of the social support in the association between grief and well-being among adolescents. It was found the hypothesized model fit the data well, and social support fully mediated in the association between grief and well-being. The high level of social support in the loss and mourning process of adolescents makes it easier to cope with grief and positively affects their well-beings. These results are important for focusing on adolescents who experience lost and grief, providing effective mental health services and demonstrating the importance of strengthening social support systems. Future studies with longitudinal follow-ups are suggested to explore actual causal relationships.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.