Prospective Teachers’ Views on Practitioner Teacher’s Attitude in Processes of Observation Made on Teaching Practice

  •  Gonca Erim    
  •  Alper Çetin    


Setting as the targeting the education of individuals in terms of intellectual, perceptual and emotional aspects as a whole places the visual arts education, which is one of the fields of education, at an important position. That is due to the fact that the individual who has aesthetical perception development through fine arts education learns how to perceive new forms and to view his/her environment and artistic structures from a different perspective. Thus, the individual makes progress in his/her intellectual endeavors, and also enhances his/her creativity and builds social habits in this connection. This importance attached to visual arts education demonstrates the necessity of raising qualified visual arts teachers. The fact that teaching is a profession which is perfected through the establishment of the link between theory and practice makes worth analyzing the process of teaching practice and attitudes and guiding behaviors of practitioner teacher who is placed at the closest position to the prospective teacher in this process. In this research, the focus was placed on attitudes which practitioner teachers were supposed to demonstrate in observation processes which played a crucial role in occupational development of prospective teachers during teaching practice. These attitudes were addressed in the framework of guiding behaviors which were supposed to be beneficial to prospective teachers in observation processes.

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