Obstacles to Blind Students’ Learning Maths in Jordan from Students’ and Teachers’ Perspectives

  •  Khalid Aljundi    
  •  Bahjat Altakhayneh    


The present study aims at investigating the obstacles to learning maths by blind students from the perspectives of students and teachers. The sample of the study consisted of 30 students who are blind or with visually impaired. To learn about the obstacles they faced in learning maths, a questionnaire was employed, which was verified in terms of validity and consistency. In addition, 2 maths teachers at blind schools in the Jordanian capital Amman were interviewed. The results showed that the obstacles were so high by 89, 3%, downwards for the following aspects: administrative 94%, cultural 89% and curricular 85%. The researchers recommend providing supporting programmes and curricula which meet the needs of blind students in Jordan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.