Saudi Standardized Tests and English Competence: Association and Prediction for Freshmen Medical Students’ Performance in Chemistry

  •  Abdulaziz Althewini    


The research is created to investigate the prediction of admission criteria for medical student achievement in chemistry in Saudi Arabia. It examines if the General Aptitude Test (GAT), the Scholastic Achievement Admission Test (SAAT), and English competence, can to a certain extent predict and foretell students’ achievement in the chemistry. The study sample consists of 240 participants, providing their grades in the admission criteria and chemistry. Regression analyses are utilized to define the weight of individual admission criterion prediction for student achievement in chemistry. It illustrates that admission criteria could predict students’ grades in chemistry with a variance of 30%. The results also show English competence does play a more significant rule in predicting students’ performance in chemistry. More research is needed to examine whether these criteria are also predictors with a large scale of students’ population.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.