Investigation of Entrepreneurship Levels and Employability Perception of Undergraduate Students Studying Sports Sciences

  •  Mustafa TAZE    
  •  Metin KARAYOL    


The aim of this study is to investigate Entrepreneurship levels and Employability perceptions of Undergraduate Students in the department of Sports Sciences. Population of the study consists of the undergraduate students studying Sports Sciences in Eastern Anatolia region. Sample group of the study consists of 597 undergraduate students studying Sports Sciences ay 4th grade in Eastern Anatolia region. The personal information form has been used to identify the demographic features of the participants by the researchers. “Employability Scale” transcribed to Turkish by Karlı (2016) has been used to determine the employability of the participants and “Entrepreneurship Scale For Teacher Candidates” developed by Deveci and Çepni (2015) has been used to identify their conditions of entrepreneurship. Besides descriptive statics such as arithmetic average, standard deviation, frequency/percentage, normal distribution test, (Kolmogorov-Smirnov test) to test the hypothesis of the study, t-test (Mann-Withney U test) in pairwise comparison and variance analysis (Kruskal Wallis-H test) in multiple comparisons and correlation test (Spearman Correlation test) have been conducted. After the variance analysis, bonferroni correction method has been used to prevent type I and type II mistakes caused by pairwise comparisons conducted to identify in which groups there is a significant difference. SPSS 23 statistical package program has been used to create the tables and evaluate the data obtained from the study. As a consequence: while there is a significant difference according to variables of Condition of Taking Entrepreneurship Course, and Department in sub-dimensions of Employability Scale and Entrepreneurship Scale For Teacher Candidates, no significant difference has been seen according to Gender. Significant difference and relations have been found out in the entrepreneurship levels and employability.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.