The Analysis of the Concept of Empathy Skill in Postgraduate Social Studies Theses

  •  Selma Güleç    


The skill of empathy is mentioned among the basic skills included in the Social Studies Course Teaching Program of the Ministry of National Education. The social studies course is one of the most important courses in which students are made to acquire the information, skills and values which are required to become an effective citizen. Communication has an important place in the achievement of these goals. Empathy is very important in the establishment of effective communication. For this reason, the study aimed to examine the concept of empathy, one of the basic skills included in the Social Studies Course Teaching Program. Afterwards, in the study, it was also aimed to reveal if the students taking postgraduate education in universities in Turkey investigated into the skill of empathy included in the social studies course teaching program in terms of carious variables. For this purpose, the master’s and doctoral theses written under the heading of empathy in the field of Social Studies Education at universities in Turkey between the years of 2000 and 2019 and recorded at the official website of the Higher Education Council National Thesis Center were examined. A total of 17 theses were reached. The data of the study was evaluated in tems of the publication year of the thesis, the gender of the researcher, the university where it was published, the sample groups, the methods of investigation and the subjects of investigation. In the study, the document analysis technique, one of the qualitative research methods, was used.

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