Experience Changes Perceptions: Arabic-Speaking Students’ Perceptions Regarding the PDS Model and Teacher Training

  •  Orr Levental    
  •  Edni Naifeld    
  •  Saleh Kharanbe    
  •  Marcel Amasha    


During their studies, education students are required to engage practice-based experience in a collaborative model: Professional Development School (PDS), where there are many options for building professional and personal development processes. Through this experience, students formulate professional identity and perceptions about teaching. This study sought to examine the impact of this experience model on Arabic-speaking education students attending a Hebrew speaking college. The effect of the practice-based experience was examined on both the concept of teaching as a profession, the process of teaching instruction and social and cultural aspects. The findings of the study showed that PDS practice-based experience directly and indirectly contributes to the way students perceive teaching, the role of the teacher, the education system, as well as the importance of the practical experience in the teaching training process. However, there was no significant contribution of PDS practice-based experience to students’ perceptions of multicultural aspects of campus life.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.