An Alternative Approach in Constructivist Mentoring for Textual Analysis in Turkish Courses

  •  Dilek ÜNVEREN    
  •  Gülreyhan KARAKUŞ    


This article grounds on Jean Piaget’s cognitive development theory, particularly aiming to provide a leading approach in Turkish language classes by focusing on children’s learning process. In Turkey, Piaget’s theory is applied in Turkish language curricula since 2005. Language classes play a fundamental role in improving cognitive skills positively, affecting the overall success of students in cognitive ability evaluation tests. This article is based upon Piaget’s cognitive development theory being an effective learning system for improving critical thinking and personal development skills. It proposes a realist approach to systemize textual analysis in language classes in order to increase academic success, as well as leaving space for individuality and creativity for learners by enhancing the power of analytical thinking and using interdisciplinary links to enhance knowledge. In light of this aim, the article analyses four rudiment text pillars - ‘time, plot, setting, and character’ to provide a systematic representation for the connection and interaction between these pillars in order to build an alternative constructivist method for language classes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.