Pre-Service Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Including Students with Moderate Learning Difficulties in Mainstream Schools in the Context of Kuwait

  •  Alenezi Nouf    
  •  Alqallaf Bader    
  •  Zainab Abbas    


Inclusive education has become a global trend in the provision of services for students with disabilities. While attitudes towards inclusion have been studied widely in some countries, little research in this area has been conducted in Kuwait. This study responds to this need by researching pre-service teachers’ attitudes towards inclusive education. This study examined Kuwaiti pre-service teachers’ attitudes towards including students with Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD) in general education classrooms. Questionnaires were distributed to 452 Kuwaiti pre-service male and female teachers at the College of Basic Education. Several factors, such as teachers’ knowledge, were found to be related to pre-service teachers’ attitudes towards inclusion. The results of the study indicated that, overall, Kuwaiti pre-service teachers hold positive attitudes towards inclusion.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.