From Mussels Stand to Becoming a Doctor: A Discussion on the Importance of Education in the Vertical Transition Between Social Strata in Terms of Career Choices and Sources of Vocational Awareness in Children with Low Socioeconomic Level

  •  Emel TÜZEL İŞERİ    


This study aims to discuss the importance of education in vertical transition between social strata in the context of career choices and vocational awareness sources in children with low socioeconomic level. The study used a phenomenological design within a qualitative research approach framework. The study group consisted of 55 fourth-grade students enrolled in a primary school in a low socioeconomic area of Izmir province in Turkey. Findings of the research laid out that the students mostly wanted to be a doctor, their positive attitudes towards the profession and their desire to be beneficial to the society gained importance in their career choices, taking the example of people who they encountered in real life and who they watched on TV affected their career choices, and that there were participant views indicating that a thorough presentation of careers was not conducted even though a number of professions were mentioned in the lesson. The findings were discussed in terms of carrying out vocational guidance more carefully for participants consisting of children with low socioeconomic level who have parents with low education level so that its disadvantages can be eliminated.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.