Implementation of Microteaching in Special Teaching Methods I And II Courses: An Action Research

  •  Ayşe Feray Özbal    


The aim of this study is to implement micro teaching method in Special Teaching Methods I and II courses in order to teach preservice teachers how to make lesson plans and help them gain experiences in classroom management issues; i.e. to improve their teaching skills. The study was designed according to the principles of action research. Pre-service teachers carried out micro teaching sessions during the fall and the spring term as a requirement of Special Teaching Methods I and II courses. The research process started at the beginning of each term. In the first 7 weeks, the instructor provided preservice teachers with theoretical knowledge about special teaching methods. The practice phase started after the mid-term exams, in which the participants were divided into groups and taught lessons on predetermined topics by using micro teaching methods. The teaching practices were video recorded. The data of the study were obtained from video recordings of the micro teaching sessions, the semi-structured interviews conducted with the participants and the learner diaries. A total of 40 preservice teachers participated in the study; however, the data from 10 participants were used in the analysis. The results revealed that preservice teachers gained experience in teaching and improved their teaching, classroom management, and lesson plan preparation skills thanks to this implementation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.