Barras Bravas: Youth Violence in Football Crowds at School

  •  José J. Bermúdez-Aponte    
  •  John A. Buitrago-Medina    
  •  Bibiana Ávila-Martínez    
  •  Abel J. Ortiz-Mora    


This article results from the analysis of the phenomenon of barras bravas (violent supporter groups) in football and its influence in school coexistence at three public educational institutions in Bogotá. The methodology of the study was mixed with a concurrent triangulation design (DITRIAC), hence diverse instruments were employed to verify the findings and cross-validate quantitative and qualitative data. The information obtained from a survey applied to 300 students was complemented with life histories, field notes and a document review of the institutional reports on school coexistence. The study revealed that violence emerges as a consequence of the participation in barras bravas, whose members attend the institutions where this research was conducted. The discussion reflects how important it is to vindicate the role of the school within the framework of public policies which both integrate youth dynamics and articulate programs and projects suitable for the Colombian context.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.