The Effectiveness of Using Visual Organizations in Improving Reading and Writing Skills for Students with Learning Disabilities from the Teachers’ Point of View

  •  Mohammad Kh. M. Muflih    


The study aims to identify the effectiveness of using visual organizations in improving the reading and writing skills of students with learning disabilities from the point of view of the teachers of learning resource rooms, according to the variables of gender, scientific qualification and educational experience through the use of analytical descriptive method. The study was carried out on a sample of 87 male and female teachers, (38) males and 49 females. A questionnaire of 53 items was used and analyzed statistically, the results showed that the most prominent item in the effectiveness of the use of visual organizations to improve reading and writing for students with learning difficulties is: “able to read sentences enhanced with pictures and without pictures, and distinguish between the image of the character and its writing”, the most prominent obstacle to the effectiveness of using visual organizations is not to use visual organizations that fit with the teaching methods of students with learning disabilities, as for the variables, the study showed the existence of differences attributed to the impact of gender and for the benefit of females, the results showed that there are statistically significant differences due to the effect of scientific qualification, and the absence of statistical differences due to the effect of years of experience.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.