Implementation of Snowball Throwing Type of Cooperative Learning in Calculus Course

  •  Nurliani Manurung    
  •  Katrina Samosir    
  •  Yasifati Hia    
  •  Mariani Mariani    
  •  Togi Togi    
  •  Hamonangan Tambunan    


Our students experience difficulties in working on non-routine mathematical problems. They cannot see the general through special things or instead see things that are special through common things when dealing with mathematical concepts and examples. They cannot see the essential features of the way or recognize it when presented in various forms. We needed to improved their learning motivation and thinking creativity through the appropriate learning form. For that purpose, the action research was carried out by applying the snowball throwing type of cooperative learning in two cycles by involving as many as 70 participants in our calculus course. We implemented the teaching techniques for finding a diffractive solution in period 1 and the methods of solving differential equations in period 2. The learning implementation of period two was the improvisation of the cycle one’ scenario by adding the learning resources, the Internet. The increase in learning motivation and thinking creativity had been able to meet the predetermined targets and concluded that the snowball throwing type of cooperative learning used in calculus lectures is useful.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.