Expression and Level of Test Anxiety in a Sample of Elementary Students

  •  Patricia A. Lowe    


This study examined the expression and level of test anxiety in a sample of 1221 elementary school students. The Test Anxiety Scale for Elementary Students (TAS-E), a new multidimensional measure developed based on recent conceptualizations of the test anxiety construct, was administered to elementary school-age students. The TAS-E consists of four test anxiety (Physiological Hyperarousal, Social Concerns, Task Irrelevant Behaviors, and Worry) subscales and a Total Test Anxiety scale. The results of four multi-group confirmatory factor analyses and latent mean analyses supported invariance between groups in the four multi-group comparisons conducted and found grade and gender differences in the level and expression of test anxiety among elementary students in grades 2-5 on the TAS-E. This is the first measurement invariance study to include students as young as grade 2 on a new multidimensional measure of test anxiety. Implications of the findings of the study for mental health professionals and educators who work with elementary school-age students are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.