Contributions Management of Parenting and Education Program to Strengthen the Service Three Early Childhood Education Center

  •  Rudi Hariawan    
  •  Nurul Ulfatin    
  •  Muhammad Huda A. Y.    
  •  Imron Arifin    


Early age is a “golden moment” which will not be repeated in the period of child development. A rare opportunity must be utilized to provide the best education and care in three centers, namely; school, family and community environment. The purpose of this research is to; 1) Describe the contribution of parenting education management; and 2) Describe the practice of parenting education in three education centers. This research method uses a qualitative approach with a multi-case study design. These informants were teachers, principals, and parents of students from the two Early Childhood Education institutions in the West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Data collection is done by in-depth interviews with informants, participatory observation, and documentation review. The results revealed that; 1) a positive contribution to the management of education and parenting in three education centers with the following stages; first, Plan-collaboration in designing the parenting education program; second, Do-collaboration in the parenting education program at school and inactivating it in the family and community environment, and third, Check-control and evaluate program achievements, then make a follow-up plan for the program; 2) Implementation, in; first-family environment strengthens the relationship between mother and child, the growing sense of self-confidence of parents in educating and caring for their children; second kindergartens environment by holding parenting education activities, holding days of child development consultations, building relationships, support and trust in schools; and third-community environment is the application of local wisdom values by community members.

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