Uncovering Preservice Mathematics Teachers’ Views on Innovation with Invention Stories from the History of Science

  •  Emin Aydin    


The study is based on a qualitative research paradigm. Data comes from the invention stories from the history of science written by preservice mathematics teachers which was collected in the history of science course as part of their summative assessments. This data was analyzed using content analysis technique which resulted in seven categories, namely: existence of innovation, motivation for innovation, the development of the innovation, identity of the innovator, reason for innovation, areas of innovation time of innovation. Data was obtained through a mixture of inductive and deductive methods. The sample of this study consisted of 48 stories of invention. Results obtained from the invention stories reveal two main trends: First is the teacher candidates’ image of the innovatory scientists as the status-quo breakers. Second is the perception of Turkish scientific figures as not being open to new experiences and as non-risk takers. As a result, findings suggest that innovation is generally perceived as a western-rooted and alien concept.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.