Media Strengthens Social Stability of Saudi Society

  •  Mohammed bin Saqr Alillaiti    


Media in our time is the force behind driving the formation of awareness of society in terms of citizenship and social stability. It builds a society in terms of values, but also destroys beliefs and values that may have been formed ages ago. It is a double-edged weapon. This study aims to present the concept of media, its importance and role in society with regard to social stability and indicate the role of Saudi media in contributing to social stability from the perspective of faculty members in Saudi universities. The Results show that Media in this age is what sets the agenda for the public and is usually subject to media professionals. In addition, Media during the process of formulating its message succumbs to the pressures of its sponsors, regardless of their scientific level and background. In light of the results of this study, the researcher recommends that Saudi media be given the importance of the dialogue methods used in its programs and coverage so that the public can learn how to respect dissenting opinions. This is achieved via setting up a lot of areas for meaningful discussions so that the public can accept it and that there are opinions that must not be marginalized.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.