Geochemical Characteristics and Tectonic Significance of the Acidic Volcanic Rocks from the Shetang-Boyang Area, Western Qinling Orogenic Belt, China

  •  Aiai Ma    
  •  Hao Guan    
  •  Lifei Zou    
  •  Lanlan Sun    


Acidic volcanic rocks of Shetang-Boyang area are located in the western Qinling orogenic belt, consist of rhyolite and granite porphyry. They are comparable in the chemical composition, enriched in Si, alkali, Al and a little bit of Mg, Ca and Ti. The contents of HFSE (Zr, Hf) and LILE (Rb, Th, U) are high, however, the content of Ba, Sr, Ti, P have obviously depleted and there are obvious negative Eu anomalies (Eu/Eu*=0.06-0.13). These geochemical characteristics are revealed that these volcanic rocks have an A1 type affinity. Geochemical data combined with regional studies, show that these volcanic rocks were formed in a continental extension setting and the western Qinling orogenic belt in 211Ma has been in the tectonic setting of post-collisional extension.

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