Evaluation of Biogas Production Yields of Different Waste Materials

  •  Bahtiyar Ozturk    


Biogas production from three different sources namely, cattle manure, cheese whey and blood, which have different characteristics, were investigated comparatively. Biogas production rates of 0.63, 0,72 and 0,64 l min-1 m-3 were obtained from the digestion of manure, co-digestion of manure-cheese whey and manure-blood, respectively, at 35±2 oC. Phosphorus () and volatile solid materials (VSM) are important for anaerobic bacteria as much as C:N ratio. A 54% of reduction in VSM and a 52 % reduction in  were observed in 30 days of digestion of manure. The amount of total nitrogen (Tot-N) decreased 10% in 30 days of digestion but ammonium-nitrogen (Am-N) increased 46% at the same duration of time. Manure, during co-digestion, buffered and inoculated the cheese whey and blood, and converted them to the energy source. An average COD removal of 52% or 34% is also possible during co-digestion of cheese whey or blood with manure.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.