Research on the Constitutive Model for Granular Material

  •  Wei Zhen-hai    
  •  Wang Meng-shu    
  •  Zhang Ding-li    


The constitutive relation of granular aggregate is one important aspect in solid mechanics research, since many problems involved are nothing like the ordinary mechanical problems. Using the energy method, this paper sets up the constitutive model for the granular material through the homogenization of granular material with structural characteristics. Several important factors that are influential to the characteristics of such material are fully considered by this model: performance of granular connector, its geometric position, directional distribution, morphology and size of statistical domain and the density of the connectors. The analysis of the model reveals that the mechanical properties of the granular material are not only related to the properties of the granular material but also to the arrangement of the granular aggregate, i.e. its fabric characteristics. In addition, the morphology of granules determines how the granules will be connected, which in turn modifies the mechanical performance of connection among granules and hence the performance of the granular aggregate. Besides, the couple stress is an important stress component, which makes classical theory no longer applicable to the granular material. Therefore, the constitutive model for the granular material is a generic model reflecting the granular material performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.