Geology and Economic Evaluation of Odobola, Ogodo Feldspar Mineral Deposit, Ajaokuta Local Government Area, Kogi State, Nigeria

  •  Ako Thomas Agbor    
  •  Onoduku Usman Shehu    


The Odobola, Ogodo area is part of the basement complex of Nigeria and is underlain mainly by schists and intrusive granitic and pegmatitic rocks along with sediments weathered from these rocks. The granitic and pegmatitic intrusives are source of feldspar with a significant K2O component (k-feldspar). A study of the area reveals the occurrence of feldspar deposit hosted by granitic and pegmatitic intrusives. Geochemical data for the feldspar samples show average Si2O, Al2O, K2O, Na2O, CaO, Fe2O3, MgO and TiO2 contents of 65.81wt%, 16.67wt%, 10.67wt%, 5.83wt%, 0.02wt%, 0.26wt%, 0.5wt% and < 0.001wt% respectively while mineralogical results reveals average anorthite, orthoclase and albite contents of 0.42%, 85.40% and 14.06% respectively. The results of the analyses compared with those of the British international Standard (BIS) shows that the feldspar deposit can be used in industries such as glass, ceramic tiles, sanitary wares and insulators. Field and petrographic evidence show that the area is a potential source of gemstones such as tourmaline and tantalite. Mineral Resource and Reserve Estimation classify the feldspar resource as an estimated proven feldspar-bearing Reserve of about 119Million tons. Apart from feldspar, inferred Minerals Resource of quartz, tantalite and tourmaline can also be obtained from this area.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.