A Single-Domain Implementation of the Voigt/Complex Error Function by Vectorized Interpolation

  •  S. M. Abrarov    
  •  B. M. Quine    
  •  R. Siddiqui    
  •  R. K. Jagpal    


In this work we show how to perform a rapid computation of the Voigt/complex error over a single domain by vectorized interpolation. This approach enables us to cover the entire set of the parameters x,y ∈ \mathbb{R} required for the HITRAN-based spectroscopic applications. The computational test reveals that within domains x ∈ [0,15] ∩y ∈ [10^{-8},15] and x ∈ [0,50000] ∩ y ≥ 10^{-8} our algorithmic implementation is faster in computation by factors of about 8 and 3, respectively, as compared to the fastest known C/C++ code for the Voigt/complex error function. A rapid MATLAB code is presented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.