Towards Transformation: The Power of Phonetic Symbols Embedded in a Multimedia Learning Management System

  •  Fei Ping Por    
  •  Soon Fook Fong    


The conventional way of using letter-to-sound approach to acquire English pronunciation competence is limited to simple and regular English words in elementary level. This limitation signifies the potentialities of phonetic symbols that are applicable to the pronunciation of all the words of human languages. The researchers are exploring the innovative use of phonetic symbols within the multimedia based English Pronunciation Learning Management System. The dynamic interactive learning system bears practical value to help novice users of the programme become active and independent English pronunciation learners. The learners will be expected to benefit from this innovative approach to substantially improve their pronunciation competence. The proposed Multimedia Pronunciation Learning Management System (MPLMS) marks a radical transformation of pronunciation learning.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.