The Need Analysis of Maritime English Learning Materials for Nautical Students of Maritime Academy in Indonesia Based on STCW’2010 Curriculum

  •  I Wy Dirgeyasa    


This study was aimed to investigate the Maritime English learning materials needed by the students of nautical department of Maritime Academy in Indonesia based in STCW’2010 curriculum. The participants of the research were the seafarers, the port authorities, the shipping business employees, the English lecturers, and the cadets of Maritime Academy. They were totally about 48 participants. They were selected by using purposive random sampling technique. There were three types of instruments for collecting data those were questionaire, documentary sheet, and interview. The results of the study shows that 1) there were three basic leaning materials categories of Maritime English namely a) the nautical contents, b) language skills, and c) languistic features and 2) the level of needs of those materials were different from categories to another categories and within categories.

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