Indisciplining the Curriculum From a Complex Perspective to Teach English

  •  Martha Moreno    
  •  Milton Pajaro    


This article presents a constructive criticism and also a prospectus about the suggested curriculum and the process of indisciplining the curriculum. It considers that through a process of indisciplining the English curriculum it would be possible to achieve the goals stated by the National Ministry of Education in terms of bilingualism and education quality. The article starts with a presentation of the educational reality of the country, the advances and transformation obtained in terms of bilingualism during the last years. Afterwards, it presents synthesis of the positive aspects of the suggested curriculum presented by the National Ministry of Education for the teaching of English as a foreign language in all the public schools of Colombia. Finally, the concept of indisciplining the curriculum in the English subject is presented as a proposal that would achieve meaningful progress in terms of English teaching and the education of students with critical thinking, complex and transformer of his/her society.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.