The Education of an English Professor: The Biographical Narrative

  •  Heriberto Valencia    
  •  Jakeline Enriquez    
  •  Lizeth Acosta    


This article is the result of a qualitative research following the characteristics of hermeneutical research aims to understand the training process of the English university professor, taking into account factors that affect and surround the social, economic, and cultural environment; in which the experience and the story of life, shape the professor. A historicity that allows the subject to be an actor of her own life, and from her experiences narrated, it is analyzed and a training path by which the subject under study obtained academic and life skills. All times and spaces in which the professor is exposed are interpreted to understand the whole process of training. Finally, it is evidenced how the professor’s training transcends beyond a simple classroom. The experience of life, lifestyle, family background, socio-cultural context are inseparable part of the training processes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.