The Students’ Error in Using Conjunction (Because, Since, as, in Case) in the Sentences

  •  Tagor Pangaribuan    
  •  Elisa Haddina    
  •  Sondang Manik    


This research deals with the students’ error in using conjunction (because, since, as, in case) in the sentences. Conjunction is very important for the learners to develop a skill in grammar. And grammar is the most important part of language for anyone. Should be first understood before being able to construct sentences, rules based on the grammar of language are used to express a certain idea represented in a sentence. By understanding the grammatical rules, the sentences can be arranged to produce the desired meaning. The objective of the study are to find out the students’ difficulties in using subordinate conjunction and to find out the causes of the students’ problems in using subordinate conjunction. Finding of the study expected to provide information for the improvement of teaching conjunction. In addition the findings and description would be of some use for the teachers in teaching conjunction. The outcomes would be useful in minimizing the difficulties in teaching conjunctions. The data of this research were the scores of the students based on the number of items that they hard correctly. A test was administered to collect the data; the research was helped by the classroom English teacher. Based on the value of standard reliability, the result of reliability of the test is 0.97; it means that the value of the standard reliability of test is very good. It was shown that students made more errors working with items numbers 5,6,9,10,14, and 15 the total frequency of errors were 237 all items. It means that the second students of Senior High School, SMK Swasta HKBP Pematangsiantar good errors in using subordinate conjunction (as, in, case, because, since) in the sentence (complex sentences).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.