The Effectiveness of Andragogically Oriented Teaching Method to Improve the Male Students’ Achievement of Teaching Practice

  •  . Rismiyanto    
  •  Mursid Saleh    
  •  Januarius Mujiyanto    
  •  . Warsono    


Students at universities are still frequently found to have low independency in learning. Besides, lecturers also still have tendency to treat students as if they were young learners, or in other words, the lecturers still use pedagogically oriented teaching methods (POTM); although they claimed themselves to have applied methods of teaching orienting to the characteristics of adult learners or andragogically oriented teaching methods (AOTM). This also happens to the students at English Education Department of Muria Kudus University (EED MKU), and affects their achievement of language leaning, in particular theirs of teaching practice. Some schools in which the students conduct teaching internship consider that the students’ achievement of teaching is still less satisfactory, and they tend to be less creative and less independent in preparing the teaching, particularly related to the use of instructional skills of teachnig, such the use of classroom language and the use of things neeeded in teaching as media of teaching. This is a quantitative study involving 87 students joining Speaking for Instructional Purposes (SIP) classes at EED MKU. The instruments used are pre and post tests of teaching practice in SIP classes.This study aims to compare the effectiveness of implementing AOTM and POTM to improve the female and the male students’ achievement of teaching practice. The results reveal that AOTM is more effectively implemented to improve the male students than the female ones.

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