Reading Categories Identified in the Reading Activities of a Caregiver and a Middle-Class Child

  •  Borja-Alarcon Isabel    
  •  Ramirez Astrid    
  •  Lopez-Vega Alfonso    


This paper aims to report the findings of a research project, developed from the need to make contributions about the characteristics that emerge, when a three-year-old child and his caregiver carry reading activities out. By the use of recordings and students’ artifacts, in order to collect data; and analyzing the information collected through categorization, this case study revealed that both, the child and the caregiver, exposed reading attitudes and actions which have relationships with intake process, cognitive processes, emotional statements, autonomy, and the application of strategies to understand the text. In addition to this information, this study concluded that reading processes are complex and there is a considerable need to develop research around this topic.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.