Teacher Research: Exploring Teachers’ Personal Epistemology through Narrartive Lens. A Colombian Case

  •  Diego Casallas    


This narrative inquiry study looked into four teachers’ life stories regarding their teaching practice. The study explored teachers’ experiences in pre-while and after stages when being observed by an academic supervisor in a binational but non- profit English center in Bogota, Colombia. By attempting to explore the possible forms of teachers’ knowledge, the study took on narrative inquiry as the research approach to explore how teachers approach and navigate personal and fixed epistemologies regarding teaching. Findings revealed that teachers’ personal epistemologies are shaped by elements like agreement and negotiation of meaning when supervisors assess/evaluate or discuss issues of the teaching practice. Based on the findings, I argue teachers’ personal epistemologies are driven by collaborative situated activities teachers engage in.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.