Building a Positive Environment in Classrooms through Feedback and Praise

  •  Asmaa Al-Ghamdi    


There are many important pedagogical factors that need to be implemented in classrooms including language classrooms in order to build an incentive learning environment for the students. This paper sheds light on two of these main pedagogical factors which are feedback and praise. The main purpose of this paper is to alter negative perceptions among students about those estimation standards which are feedback and praise and to widen teachers’ knowledge about providing them properly. In order to achieve the previous purposes, this paper explains different types of feedback and the impacts of feedback and praise on students’ learning. It also provides teachers with tips and strategies about how to use feedback and praise effectively to reach the desired outcomes. Researchers have in the past expressed contradictory views about those estimation standards, thus; this paper takes into consideration positive and negative effects of them.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.