Difficulties That English Teachers Encounter while Teaching Listening Comprehension and Their Attitudes towards Them

  •  Ayah Alrawashdeh    
  •  Norma Al-zayed    


This study is aimed at investigating the difficulties that English teachers encountered while teaching listening comprehension and their attitudes towards the subjectin Karak schools.

To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used two instruments: a teacher’s questionnaire and informal interviews. In order to answer the questions of the study:

1) What are the difficulties that teachers encounter while teaching listening comprehension?

2) What are the teachers’ attitudes towards English listening comprehension?

A questionnaire was designed to explore the difficulties that teachers encountered in teaching listening comprehension. Another convenience sample was used with informal interviews. It consisted of seven teachers of English and they answered three questions.

The results revealed regarding the questionnaire covered three domains. Ratios ranged between low for problems related to teacher’s proficiency with a mean up to2.81, and medium for problems related to teaching environment with mean up to 3.32 and availability of sources and teaching aids with a mean up to 3.04.

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