Developing Model Assesement for Learning (AFL) to Improve Quality and Evaluation in Pragmatic Course in IAIN Surakarta

  •  Woro Retnaningsih    
  •  . Djatmiko    
  •  . Sumarlam    


The research objective is to develop a model of Assessment for Learning (AFL) in Pragmatic course in IAIN Surakarta. The research problems are as follows: How did the lecturer develop a model of AFL? What was the form of assessment information used as the model of AFL? How was the results of the implementation of the model of assessment. The method used in this study is Research, Development and Diffusion. There were three steps activities in this model. The first step, the researcher done the activities included doing the basic scientific inquiry, investigation issues of education, data collection and designing the operational research planning. The second step, the researcher was composing AFL modeling, data validation from the experts and practitioners, compossing readability test; included trial operation models to find solutions to the problems, planning an educational programs, testing, and evaluating the programs. The third step was diffusion, the reseacher informing the target system, demonstrations programs, training to use the target system and program solutions, servicing and maintaining. The population of this study were 150 students from fives classes. From the data analysis shown than the application of AFL model for Pragmatic course could be improved in understanding the materials and English performing. The average score of Pragmatic course was 3.18 from 5 parallel classes, while the average scores of Vocabulary course is 2.40 from 5 parallel classes. The data analyzis shown that AFL method was more suitable to teach English Pragmatic course than English Vocabulary course.

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