Concept Map Technique as a New Method for Whole Text Translation

  •  Tamara Krishan    


This study discusses the use of concept map tool as a new method for teaching translation (from English language to Arabic language). This study comprised 80 students divided into two groups. The first group was taught the new vocabulary by using the concept tool method, whereas the second group was taught the new vocabulary by the traditional method. Pre-test and test of homogeneity was administered in order to ensure the equivalence of the students. During the training, the two groups were subjected to evaluation tests (first, second and final) in which the students were asked to summarize text into a paragraph by translation. The differences between the two methods were compared by using t-test. Results of pre-test indicated that the difference between the two groups was not significant and the scores were linearly distributed. Results of students’ scores between the two groups for the first exam was not significant, however, the difference between the two groups for second, final and total scores was significant. It was seen that the introduced method of text translation improves the student skills compared with the traditional method.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.