The Role of Language Laboratory in English Language Learning Settings

  •  Abdelaziz Mohammed    


This study aims at determining the relationship between language labs and the effective ways of mastering better performance of English language. The study raised two questions. They are “Is language laboratory useful in teaching English to Saudi students?” And “How do language labs help in improving students’ performance?” Descriptive and analytical approaches have been adopted in this study. Two subject groups representing different situations are selected for investigation. Each group contained 27 students from fourth level who are studying English as their major. The instruments used were tests of all English components to draw significant findings. Generally, the findings proved that using effective language laboratories in teaching English is essential in teaching listening and mastering better features of speaking. In addition, the study recommends that the using of language labs in the teaching of English is highly needed in colleges.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.