English Grammatical Problems of Chinese Undergraduate Students

  •  Juan Bao    
  •  Jing Sun    


Grammar teaching and learning is necessary in foreign language teaching. However, its function and method have been argued for decades. In the average teaching process in China, teachers divide grammar teaching into four stages: a) Presentation; b) Isolation and explanation; c) Practice; and d) Test. There are problems existing in grammar teaching in China now, including the inconsistence between the goal of teaching and real classroom teaching, ignorance of teachers and learners, inappropriate textbooks, and negative learning attitudes. According to a research on 10 English teacher and 30 undergraduate students in mainland China, the paper reports some conclusions and implications on grammar teaching in classroom. First, understanding students’ attitudes is a key factor in teaching. Second, grammatical rules should be presented and explained implicitly in certain contexts. Third, students’ involvement needs to be increased. Finally, more real communicative activities are effective in class.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.