The Impact of Video-based Materials on Chinese-Speaking Learners’ English Text Comprehension

  •  Lu-Fang Lin    


This study investigated whether video-based materials can facilitate second language learners’ text comprehension at the levels of macrostructure and microstructure. Three classes inclusive of 98 Chinese-speaking university students joined this study. The three classes were randomly assigned to three treatment groups: on-screen text (T Group), concurrent narration with on-screen text (NT Group), and video with concurrent narration and on-screen text (VNT Group). The data were collected through the macrostructure and microstructure reading comprehension pre- and post-tests and the immediate test. The statistic results of the immediate test and the post-tests showed that the VNT group performed significantly better on the macrostructure comprehension than the T and NT groups. Armed with the perspectives of multiliteracies and the significant results, the study makes instructional recommendations to integrate video in second-language reading comprehension instruction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.