Study of Impact on Undergraduates’ Entrepreneurial Failure based on the Model of Psychological Resilience-Knowledge Acquisition

  •  Tang Jing    
  •  Luo Dancheng    
  •  Zhao Ye    


Purpose-The entrepreneurship is a course of gaining knowledge from the failure and stimulating positive energy constantly. The entrepreneur’s psychological resilience is the key to gain knowledge (positive energy) from failure (negative energy). The education of undergraduate entrepreneurship is one of the priorities these days. Educators shall transform from “success education” to “failure education”, and combine entrepreneurial failure education with positive resilience cultivation. Through the approach of field interview, this thesis examines the impact of student entrepreneurs’ resilience after failure on knowledge acquisition and subsequent success. As a result, a learning model of student entrepreneur after business failure is discovered, which offers a practical point of reference for undergraduates’ entrepreneurship education today.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.