A Closer Look at Extensive Reading in Omani Public Schools: Current Practices and Teachers’ Perceptions

  •  Al Fawzia    
  •  Al Salwa    


The present study aims at identifying the current practices regarding the implementation of extensive reading in Omani public schools. The study employed a content analysis sheet to analyze the extensive reading work of 300 students. Semi-structured interviews were also held with 15 teachers and 5 regional supervisors from Al-Dakhilyia Governorate. Results of the study revealed that the frequency of reading amongst students is very low as 53% of the students read only once a semester and they often read the same type of genre. The results also showed that most of the English language teachers chose the same reading materials for their students regardless of the students’ interests or proficiency level. To show evidence of reading, students often wrote responses to questions in their notebooks. As for assessment, teachers did not assess students based on the frequency of reading or the difficulty level of the questions chosen. Teachers responded to students’ work by giving them a general mark rather than providing descriptive comments or giving recommendations on what to read next. Drawing upon the findings, recommendations to bring about better practices regarding extensive reading are provided.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.