The Effectiveness of Using Linguistic Classroom Activities in Teaching English Language in Developing the Skills of Oral Linguistic Performance and Decision Making Skill among Third Grade Intermediate Students in Makah

  •  Fahd Alshareef    


The study aimed to reveal the effectiveness of the use of certain classroom language activities in teaching English language in the development of oral linguistic performance and decision-making among intermediate third-grade students in Makah, and it revealed a statistically significant correlation relationship between the averages of the study sample scores, in the post application for linguistic performance test, and measure of decision-making; and to achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used two methods: descriptive approach and quasi-experimental design, per experimental group.

Ibn al-Qayam intermediate school was chosen randomly, and then the intermediate third  grade was chosen deliberately, in the three grades altogether there were 90 students, in each class 30 students; and 3/3 experimental groups, of  30 students each were drawn, and represented the study material in linguistic classroom activities in the English language. Two tools were used: oral linguistic performance test in the English language, and the measure of decision-making; where they were applied on the study sample; after checking their validity and reliability, in the second semester in 2013, and after the end of the training period on linguistic classroom activities in English language classes, they were re-applied to determine the level of the students in each of: oral linguistic performance and the skill of decision-making.

The study yielded many results of which the most important were: the presence of statistically significant differences between the average score of the sample study in the two applications, pre and post for linguistic performance estimate card and the measure of decision-making; in each axis separately, and in the linguistic performance overall in the English language; and the skill of decision making; in favor of the post application, and the presence of statistically significant correlation relationship between the average scores of the sample study in the post-application linguistic performance estimate card; and the measure of decision-making. Based on the findings of the study results, there are a number of recommendations including: the need to give linguistic classroom activity programs their educational value and status in teaching English in general education, hold regular sessions for teachers and supervisors; to train them to employ linguistic classroom activities to learn English, and the integration of thinking in teaching English language; in order to provide them with modern educational trends in the field of active learning and development of thinking skills.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.