Investigating the Application of Needs Analysis on EAP Business Administration Materials

  •  Saifalislam Mohammed    


This study is conducted to investigate the application of needs analysis in developing EAP materials for business administration students in two Sudanese universities. The subjects are 2 head departments of English language. To collect data, the researcher uses interview and content analysis. The study adopts the descriptive approach. The data of the study is analyzed qualitatively. The findings show that most of the business administration EAP materials in Sudanese universities are not based on needs analysis and are not relevant to the students' learning and target situation needs. The drawbacks in EAP materials, in Sudanese universities, are due to the absence of needs analysis practice in the process of syllabi design. Therefore, the researcher recommends the application of needs analysis in the process of course design to assure designing courses that are relevant to the students' actual needs. The EAP courses which are taught in Sudanese universities should be tailored to the students' specific needs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.