On Guidelines for College English Teaching and Challenges for College English Teachers

  •  Huiyin Li    


This article performs an exploratory study of the newly formulated Guidelines for College English Teaching (Draft Exposure)(2015)(Guidelines), aiming at exploring how different the latest Guidelines is from the previous ones, what challenges it brings to teachers and how these challenges can be countered. Therefore, comparisons are made among six syllabi to illustrate the developments college English has achieved and its existent problems as well. To address these problems, Guidelines (2015) is issued with three new features: the integration of instrumentality and humanity, the introduction of intercultural education and the system of multiple curriculum for multiple teaching objectives. Its issuing poses tremendous challenges to college English teachers, of which increasing demands on college English teachers' professional expertise, skillful employment of information technology and academic performance stand out. To help counter these challenges and difficulties, suggestions are made from three levels with the hope that improved teachers' quality can facilitate the implementation of Guidelines (2015) and guarantee the potential achievement of its expected objectives. These suggestions are: life-long learning and self-directed development consciousness, the establishment of teacher education system by faculties and universities and continued governmental support in and favorable policies to college English teacher education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.