Toward Differentiated Assessment in a Public College in Oman

  •  Holi Ali    


Differentiated assessment (DA) seeks to address the individual differences between students and provides them with the appropriate assessment strategy. This paper looks into the possibility of impelemting differentiated assessment in a public college in Oman. Additionally, it attempts to explore teachers' views about the possibility of implementing DA and to what extent do they support the idea of using DA and why. Further, it strives to identify some institutional, instructional and pedagogical challenges which might hinder the implementation of differentiated assessment and to find some best possible ways and strategies for implementing it in this context in question. A questionnaire was administered to 40 teachers to answer the study questions and to propose an assessment model on differentiated assessment. The results revealed that all the participants strongly support the idea of implementing the use of differentiated assessment in the Department of English Language and Literature (DELL), however, there are many institutional and pedagogical challenges need to be considered. Some recommendations and pedagogical implications were presented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.