A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Two Methods of Teaching Resumptive Pronouns in Writing: TBLT and Blended Learning

  •  Bahar Rajabi    
  •  Mahmood Hashemian    


Resumptive pronouns (RPs) are one of the most challenging grammatical points for EFL learners because this structure is different in their L1. We aimed to examine whether blended learning/TBLT are useful to teach RPs. We examined the extent to which such methods improve performance on the posttest. Forty learnerstook part in the study who were assigned to 2 groups: one group was taught via TBLT, and the other via blended learning. Before piloting the study, the participants were given an OPT to check their homogeneity. Besides,they were given a researcher-made test on RPs to check their knowledge, the result of which indicated that the participants did not have sufficient knowledge about this point. Finally, the participants were given a researcher-made test as the posttest to check the effect of the treatment and the extent to which it was helpful for the correct use of RPs. Findings indicated that TBLT was more fruitful. Findings of the present study have pedagogical as well as practical implications.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.