A Brief Survey of English Education of Tibetan Primary School in Ganzi County

  •  Xiaojun He    
  •  Xia Lazo    


The current social backgrounds have made English learning become an important part in every Chinese student’s life. Tibetan students begin to study Tibetan, Chinese and English from primary school. However, in many Chinese ethnic-minorities areas like Tibetan areas, English education is facing many problems and challenges, especially the English education in primary schools. This thesis uses the field survey, questionnaires and interviews to study the general situation of English education in primary schools of Ganzi County. Then from the analyses of these surveys, this thesis aims to find the major problems and gives some creative solutions to them and let more people know the situation of English teaching in Tibetan primary schools and make them give more available suggestions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.