Developing Reading Comprehension through Metacognitive Strategies: A Review of Previous Studies

  •  Mansoor Channa    
  •  Zaimuariffudin Nordin    
  •  Insaf Siming    
  •  Ali Chandio    
  •  Mansoor Koondher    


This paper has reviewed the previous studies on metacognitive strategies based on planning, monitoring, and evaluating in order to develop reading comprehension. The main purpose of this review in metacognition, and reading domain is to help readers to enhance their capabilities and power reading through these strategies. The researchers reviewed articles, papers, and books related to the field. The studies indicated that the strategies used in reading comprehension are significant. The findings of this study reveal teachers scaffold to develop reading and comprehending abilities of students. This review study would help readers to consider metacognitive strategies as the input to design reading comprehension material and syllabus based on planning, monitoring, and evaluating strategies for students to improve reading skills for learners’ better comprehension of the text according to their needs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.